BWC Designs
I am a native Southern Californian and have mostly lived in the sun-belt of the United States;
Los Angeles, Miami, Honolulu, Dallas and San Diego. But I have also traveled and studied
around the globe, which brings a lot of real-world experience to my graphic design sensibility.
I've developed a unique perception of peoples and cultures that allows me to draw upon a
diverse variety of experiences that assist me in providing original solutions to challenging
marketing opportunities.

My Bachelor of Business Sciences degree from San Diego State University led me towards my
first career path in Marketing and Management within both the retail and hospitality fields. As I
grew older I realized my true passion was in design, so after returning to San Diego I attended
Platt College earning an additional Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Graphic Design.
This seemed a logical move to combine both my creative side with my background in marketing
and advertising.

In beginning my graphic design path I worked as an assistant and substitute teacher at Platt College. From there I became the design "team" for a local online retailer in the thriving
Moto-Cross industry here in El Cajon. Ultimately deciding to take charge of my future I built
up BWC Designs to where I am at this point in life. My client list covers a wide gamut of local businesses, all of which benefit from my extensive variety of life-experiences. My career
emphasis is in print media, but I maintain a working familiarity with web design and other
such graphics programs.

My philosophy in design is that if a message or idea is worth sharing, it is worth being presented graphically with special consideration to every last detail. I enjoy what I do, and I believe that is apparent in the work I produce.